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Pinky Daga

Pinky Daga is the CEO of Thriive Art & Soul, India’s only state-of-the-art digital portal housing world’s leading directory of verified wellness therapists, and healers, headquartered in Mumbai. Pinky started her professional journey after completing her Ph.D. in English Literature, MSc Journalism MA English and Bsc Journalism BA English from the Boston University. In 2005, Pinky launched a children’s theatre company, Indigo Kids Edutainment, producing adult enacted plays for children that toured nationally. In 2016, she started Thriive Art & Soul. In 2006, Pinky Daga and Shreans Daga together launched Pyramid Valley International, Asia’s largest meditational pyramid in Bangalore. The energy of this pyramid has attracted world-renowned speakers and large audiences from all over India over the past 15 years, strengthening the ever-increasing network. Since Thriive’s launch, the brand has organically grown a social media following of 25K and a 40k plus database. Thriive wanted to ensure that the brand stays very relatable, light, and easy, not something very esoterically left field reserved only for “Spiritual” people. Their two international events Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences & Quantum Energy Conclave (both held at Pyramid Valley International Bangalore) has shown dramatic growth since the launch not just in the number of attendees, but the quality of international speakers and the events itself. Pinky believes in balance and indulges in a couple of leisure activities that help her stay focussed, including reading, traveling, exploring adventure activates swimming and sailing. She is also a trained classical dancer.

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