To succeed in today's ever-changing workplace, it's essential to proactively ready yourself for the future. This includes embracing AI, nurturing strategic partnerships, and ensuring that skill development aligns with your overarching business strategy.

In today's fast-changing global landscape, with Artificial Intelligence reshaping industries, many organisations are not ready for the coming skills revolution. Consider these statistics:

  • Only 3% of organisations feel ‘extremely’ prepared for the fast approaching AI-driven skills revolution
  • Although 86% of organisations collaborate with strategic partners, only 22% do so extensively.
  • Of the different learning methods, 'On-the-job' training is the most commonly adopted, as reported by 62% of organisations.

Our Dipstick Study provides valuable insights, including:

  • Data-driven evaluations of the present learning landscape and the primary challenges and opportunities confronting businesses today.
  • A comprehensive grasp of the crucial importance of strategic partnerships in fostering skills transformation.
  • Recognition of the most notable disparities in learning methods and approaches to narrow them.
  • An investigation into how AI speeds up learning and transforms skills.

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