In today's realm of people and work, 80% of companies emphasise the importance of crafting effective skill development methods, seeing them as vital for success. Additionally, 60% acknowledge the crucial role of enhancing communication and collaboration skills to boost employee engagement, performance, and retention.

In a recent study titled 'Future of Global Workforce Decoded,' conducted by Pearson in collaboration with People Matters, extensive research was undertaken to explore the factors influencing the demand for skills among global workforces and enhancing productivity. The report provides HR leaders with crucial insights into improving communication and collaboration, including leveraging diversity as a strength and adopting modern learning approaches. Furthermore, it offers actionable strategies to tackle productivity and engagement challenges arising from a diverse, globally dispersed workforce. 

Download the research study find deeper trends and insights on:

  • The new skilling agenda required for productive and engaged global teams
  • The building blocks of new-age learning pedagogies
  • Leveraging hiring assessments to ensure people with the right skills are hired
  • Raising performance and engagement through building communication skills

Additionally, gain insights from prominent HR leaders at major enterprises such as Tech Mahindra, LTIMindtree, Cisco, Happiest Minds Technologies, and WNS Global Services, among others, providing a detailed perspective on how companies are influencing the future of global workforces.

You can download the report with in-depth insights from here.