As young companies, small and medium enterprises, startups, and unicorns navigate significant growth in today’s dynamic work landscape, what are some common challenges and opportunities they encounter?

People Matters conducted research titled 'Talent Trends 2022: The Rise of Startups, Unicorns, and SMEs,' in collaboration with Keka, assessing the current work environment in young organisations and outlining a path forward. Discover the status of small and emerging businesses and delve into the talent priorities and challenges faced by startups, unicorns, and SMEs. The study involved 300 business leaders, HR professionals, and founders from across India.

The research concentrated on major business disruptions, challenges, and their impacts on talent management, examining HR practices and technology within these rapidly expanding organisations.

Download the research to: 

  • Gain insights on key roles emerging in HR teams. 
  • Get a sneak peek at the current capabilities of SMEs in attracting, developing and retaining talent. 
  • Learn what are the key skills startups, SMEs and unicorns are investing in. 
  • Explore how some of these fast-growing companies are addressing the ongoing talent challenges and reimagining HR by taking a peek into their best practices.